Monday, 29 August 2011

Norweigan Wood - Haruki Murukami

" I took my bottled firefly to the roof. No one else was up there. A white vest hung on a clothesline that someone had forgotten to take in, waving in the evening breeze like the discarded shell of some huge insect."
" Once upon a time, you dragged a part of me into the world of the dead, and now Naoko has dragged another part of me into that world. Sometimes I feel like the caretaker in a musuem - a huge, empty museum where no one ever comes, and I am watching over it for no one but myself." p364

"How much do you love me?" Midori asked.

"Enough to melt all the tigers in the world to butter" I said. "Far out," she said with a hint of satisfaction. "Will you hold me again?"

We got into her bed and we held each other, kissing as the sound of the rain filled our ears. Then we talked about everything from the formation of the universe to our preferences in the hardness of boiled eggs.' p349

But you have to read this for fact you must buy it, if only for the Lizzy Stewart illustration.