Wednesday, 7 September 2011

We Gathered Mossy Stones

We gathered mossy stones and bricks from the woods and began building. Then we fashioned an oven out of was for a Hobbit...
...But then we fired it, and it we patched it...and it cracked more...then it rained and rained and now its all broken and covered over waiting for Autumn sunshine so that we can mend it and light a fire for Halloween...

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  1. it's beautiful! sorry it cracked...

  2. Oh no!!! Perhaps it wasn't dry enough before you fired it...or maybe the mud isn't fire resistant enough. What a shame its so beautiful.

  3. i totally want to make one now, is it clay? can you post the to -do once your crack settles? beautiful,ang

  4. Hi chaps...thanks for such lovely comments. I will post the instructions and list of materials soon. I agree that it really needed to dry out naturally a little bit before we fired it. We picked a bad time weather-wise to make it and because it's at the end of the garden near to the woods it's a damp spot...I even noticed a cute little frog (or toad) jumping whilst we were making it.

    Thanks again for coming over and commenting,

  5. That's such ashame the clay oven looks so great. Hope it works out better in the fall.

  6. hi deb, i followed your link to find this one telling more about the oven. i was wondering if you post how to's somewhere? i don't know if i could make one but i really want to try! i love your leafy green yard and this oven just makes it perfect.